Consultation by email

850 RON
The email support package is a variation of the 1-to-1 full-support package. It is addressed to parents who want a more relaxed and flexible guidance.

What does the package contain

  • A questionnaire that parents will fill in to give me information about their baby or child.
  • An initial email with information and answers to parents’ questions, strategies and guidelines to implement the changes designed to bring peace to both parents and the child, general information about what normal sleep means for children depending on age, as well as access to documents and resources specific to the case.
  • A set of emails (back & forth) for the next 2 weeks, to address any concerns or other questions that parents may have during the change process.

How it works

After purchasing the package, you will receive a link to a questionnaire specially created to better understand your needs. In a maximum of 3 working days after completing the questionnaire, you will receive an email with personalized information, normal Sleep behavior and support materials for the changes you want. After this initial email, for two weeks we will communicate through 3 emails in which you can ask me any questions or concerns, and I will send you personalized answers and resources for everything that interests you.

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