Call of encouragement

300 RON
The encouragement call is an option for parents who feel that they need to hear us on the phone or in a video call through which we can discuss anything that worries them.

What does the package contain

  • A short questionnaire for parents to give me basic information about their baby.
  • A 60-minute video call or phone call in which we can discuss anything the parents want.

How it works

After purchasing the package, I will send you a link to a short questionnaire, which will help me understand what your needs and concerns are.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, in a maximum of 48 hours you will receive a link through which you will be able to schedule your consultation, by phone or zoom meeting. Thus, we will be able to discuss openly about normal sleeping behavior and I will answer any question.

At the same time, this package gives you (optional) access to a follow-up call at a special price.

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