1-to-1 Consultation

2000 RON
The One-to-One consultation is for those who feel the need to be with me throughout the changes. This package is the most complete that we offer.

What does the package contain

  • A comprehensive questionnaire that we will study and complete together.
  • An initial video call of 60 minutes, in which we will discuss about children, what is normal and especially about parents’ fears and expectations.
  • Access to more resources, videos, eBooks, etc. relevant to the situation in the case.
  • Access to the open conversation every 2 days, for another 3 weeks after the initial call, where we can ask any question or make any desired change.
  • A last video call of 15 minutes, to say goodbye and to answer the last questions.

Who is this package addressed to

Parents who have babies aged at least 6 months.
For parents who want to make changes when it comes to sleep, changes that are beneficial to both the baby and the parent.

How it works

After purchasing the package, you will automatically receive a link to a form and a sleep log for 2-3 nights/days.
2 days after completing the questionnaire, you will receive a link to schedule the 60-minute video call on Zoom. In this call we will discuss, based on the information filled in the questionnaire, the things you want and information about normal sleep behavior.
After the call, you will receive in writing the things discussed in the call, as well as the agreed recommendations – if and how something should be changed. In addition, I will give you access to booklets or resources relevant to you.
For another three weeks we will follow up every 2 days by email and Whatsapp, I will answer your questions and we will change plans.
At the end of the 3 weeks, we will meet in a 15-minute video call, to draw conclusions and say goodbye.

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