I'm Diana

I am here because I want us, the parents, to raise our children the way we would have wanted to be raised.​

I think that no child should cry until he calms down. I think that love and respect are the first things we owe our child. I don't believe in 'sleep training' and, in general, I don't believe in training!

I believe that our mission as parents is greater than we realize and that the beauty of tomorrow's world lies in our tender touches today. I believe that the results of my work today will be fully seen in 20-30 years.​

How it all started

I remember even now when I was in the hospital, the day before going home and I was afraid of tomorrow. What do I do at home when the baby cries? What does a baby do? How do I keep it "alive"? But it seems that the most questions that came to my mind were about sleep: How long does a baby sleep? If he doesn't rest? how does he fall asleep I had read the title of an article that said that if the baby does not sleep enough, it will not develop properly neurologically and will have problems.​

After more time searching thousands of websites, reading countless specialized books and working with more than 3 sleep consultants to help me find "solutions" to my daughter's sleep, I decided that it would be better for my peace of mind as a mother, wife and woman to find myself a specialization course. So I signed up for a course that promised to teach us the truth about children's sleep and to provide us with methods to navigate this period of our lives that many of us find challenging.​

A year later I discovered the answers to many of the question marks that I had and that most of the time made me stay awake at night thinking that I was "spoiling" my child and that I would leave him traumatized for the rest of his life.​

How can I help you

Today I am here to help other parents by answering any question related to their child's sleep, about the transition periods of childhood and about resetting the norms and expectations inherited over time from societies that no longer exist today, based on information long since invalidated and proven.​